Future of Work


Join fellow Human Resource, Talent, Benefits and Learning Senior Professionals to explore, share and learn about the Future of Work in an exclusive event. 

NYC, Wednesday October 2, 2019 | 8:15 AM ET


Future of Work


Join fellow Human Resource, Talent, Benefits and Learning Senior Professionals to explore, share and learn about the Future of Work in an exclusive event.

NYC, Wednesday October 2, 2019 | 8:15 AM ET


Many companies continue to deal with sizeable change management programs and so human capital risks and productivity are a focus. Repeatedly the ability to build an adaptive workforce is growing in importance and urgency as the pace of innovation increases competition and reduces competitive barriers. Our surprise Guest Speaker, a world-renowned expert will speak on the profound changes to human capital management now underway and discuss the effect on organizations and society.  

In addition, Salary Finance, Hive Learning and Avado Learning will each present detailed research findings covering a number of related areas including mental and financial wellness, diversity and inclusion and effective leadership insights.


“When it comes to the future of work, "late adopter" is the same thing as "out of business.”

Jacob Morgan, Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Futurist

Why Attend?

  • Gain a complete picture of all the major trends effecting how people and organizations will interact, co-operate and thrive.
  • Learn how employee expectations and regulation are shaping employer policies and value propositions from the inside out.
  • Learn how to inspire a growth mindset and empower employees to adapt and deal with change that improve productivity.
  • Understand why continued corporate restructures negatively impact mental wellness and how inclusive companies that genuinely care for their employee's wellness are out-performing their peers.
  • Understand the gig workshift, sourcing and training for the right skills capabilities, how to scale adaptability and flexibility whilst understanding its effect on performance.
  • Learn why inclusivity and diversity are such strong forces for positive social and profitable change in organizations. 

Who Should Attend?

This breakfast is a chance to learn and share ideas and thoughts with fellow CPO’s, CHRO’s, Heads of D&I, Chief Talent Officers, Heads of Culture, Heads of Benefits, and people focused CEO’s and COO’s. 

Business lunch


8:15 AM 

Arrival and Coffee

8:30 AM 

Breakfast begins

8:45 AM

Special Guest Speaker

9:15 AM 


9:30 AM

Research presentations - Salary Finance | Avado Learning | Hive Learning

10:00 AM

Discussion and networking

10:15 AM

Breakfast ends

PeerTalk Details

  • Date: Wednesday October 2, 2019
  • Time: 8:15 - 10:15 AM ET
  • Location: 116 W Houston St, NYC
  •  Contact: katie.shaw@blenheimchalcot.com

Special Guest Speaker

Paolo Gaudiano

CEO at Aleria | President at Aleria Research | Executive Director at Quantitative Studies of Diversity and Inclusion

Aleria, Aleria Research, and the City College of New York combine Paolo’s decades of experience in business, technology and academia, to transform how people think about diversity and what they do about it, with the ultimate goal of making our society more inclusive and equitable. Paolo is a Forbes contributor on Diversity & Inclusion, and has written for and been interviewed by a number of other media outlets. He holds degrees in Applied Mathematics, Aerospace Engineering and Computational Neuroscience, and is the recipient of numerous awards including a Neuroscience Fellowship from the Sloan Foundation, a Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research, and a Moonshot House Fellowship from the Kravis Center for Social Impact. He was a tenured faculty member at Boston University and has also taught at Tufts University and CCNY.  

About this PeerTalk

This exclusive PeerTalk session is brought to you by Blenheim Chalcot, Avado, Hive Learning, and Salary Finance


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